Monday, July 18, 2011

Bring on Summer Vacation

It is that wonderful time of year again where teachers rejoice and students disappear.  Wait, sorry, that's in America.  Summer vacation in Korea is an entirely different animal.  In America I waited for summer vacation with baited breath because I knew it was a time where my responsibilities were lessened and I was able to relax just a bit more.  Even in college when I was busy working most the summer, it was still a time where I didn't have to study.  Well, ok, I studied, but I studied by traveling. 

However, in Korea, summer vacation seems to be a time for the school to offer the classes that it should have been offering all year around.  I will be running a summer camp which consists of two, two hour classes.  On top of my English camp there will also be math camps, science camps, etc.  These classes are designed to either help students who have fallen behind or to teach those students who achieve the highest achieve even higher.  I feel that these camps achieve more teaching in two or three weeks than the regular classes do in 2-3 months.  However, one strange thing, is the after school program run by this school is not cancelled.  I still have to teach the little buggers twice a week.

This summer I waited far to long to purchase my flights.  My heart was set on spending a week or a week and a half in San Diego.  I miss it dearly, as I miss my friends.  However, when I first started looking flights where a prohibitive $1,000.  Thinking that I could find a deal if I waited, I did.  unfortunately no deals were to come, and by the time I decided that I was coming home the cost of my flight was going to be $1500.  At that cost, I cannot in good conscience return.  I miss it dearly, but for $1500 I can pay for my entire vacation to the Philippines and Hong Kong.  For the total cost of a vacation back to San Diego (roughly 2000-2500 dollars) I can pay for my trip and potentially get eye surgery.  That and considering my more than likely return to the US in March I have to take the opportunity now to travel. 

Sorry folks, you're going to have to wait a little longer to see me. 

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