Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Falling Apart.

For the longest time my health and general ability to heal have never been a problem for me.  However in the past few months, it's becoming more and more apparent that as I get older, I'm actually going to have to start paying attention to stuff.  Now I don't doubt that every person who gets older goes through this at some point, but this time it's me.  I guess the past few months just haven't been that great for me physically.

First, we had the whole knee thingy.  That has healed, but now because it was injured I am spending a good amount of time doing some physical therapy trying to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding my knee.  I really didn't realize just how week my knee was going to be after until I started doing some of these exercises.  I also realized just how dominant my left leg.  However, once I've done these exercises and the muscles and joint are strengthened I should be just like new.  Ok, well not really new, but back to my complete inability to jump higher than about 1 foot.  Some white men can jump, I am not one of them.

Then in December I had a 24-48 hour bug.  Which is starting to become more and more common for me.  This thing took me down and beat me up.  I almost felt like it was food poisoning, but it didn't present with all the normal symptoms I have when I get food poisoning.  Sadly, I have had food poisoning now 5 times, and I am quite aware of how it makes me feel.  This bug though, thoroughly wrecked me though.  It was gone after two days, but it took almost two weeks before I really felt back to normal.  This extended recovery time might have more to do with the last health related issue.

Lastly, it turns out I've had a urinary tract infection for a few months.  Turns out we can get them too.  I didn't know that.  Given the fact that my parents read this blog I'm not going to go into the details of how I got it, but rest assured I sure did manage to get one.  Well, the problem I had was that after a few days of discomfort it really felt like it was getting better/going away.  I normally wait a few days to see how my body is going to react to something before I go see a doctor (see: get dragged kicking and screaming).  Well since stuff was getting better I figured I'd just give it a few more days and I'd be fine.  Well, it turns out that with a bacterial infection like this, it doesn't get better, the symptoms just move wherever they can and your body adapts to them.  Which is what finally dragged me into a urologists office two weeks ago.  It had started moving into my kidneys, and I was noticing some back pain, even though I hadn't done any heavy lifting.  Once I also noticed it was localized around the kidneys and on both sides I figured I should go see a doc.  I'm on week two of antibiotics, and I'm hoping that when I go for my check up tomorrow morning the guy is going to clear me.  I'm sick of taking pills.

The whole thing that is weird for me though is that five years ago this probably wouldn't have been a problem.  The whole kidney thing would have, but it would have been the one issue in a few years that I tend to get.  Broken finger, Drainpipe to the head, sliver in the eye, hyper-extended shoulder joint, sciatica.  Every one of these things were pretty well spaced out, and when my knee went screwy I figured it was just about time I hurt something again.  However, with the infection, I'm a little worried I may not be as bullet proof as I never was.  We'll just have to see how the next few years go.

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