Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I've Been Gone for a While.

Well folks, I'm not going to lie.  I've been neglecting my duties to the internet world recently.  I wish I had a good reason for it, but the simple fact is I don't.  I've been busy but no more than normal.  However, I am aiming to rectify this situation in the next few months.  If I can't rectify it I will shut this down and probably never run a blog again.  The past few months have been a rather interesting mix of problems, solutions, and more problems.

For starters, a lot of you know that my health has been really up and down this year.  In fact this has been the worst year I've ever had in terms of my health.  I have spent more time on medication and in the doctors office this year than I have in my entire life.  Luckily at this point I'm just dealing with a couple of the side effects of my liver inflammation.  It's not totally dissipated but it is definitely improving.  When I get back from vacation I'm going to hop into a doctors office for another check up just to make sure but everything should be fine.  Luckily that check will be the final all clear and I'll gratefully put this crap behind me.

Moving on from my health, my luck with women recently could be termed comical.  I have run into several women recently that I have hit it off with great.  Only to find out a few days later that: hey they've got a boyfriend, hey they're leaving the country, hey they're moving to another city, etc.  I swear I must have a sign around my neck right now that says "hopeless."  Now most of this is my fault because I didn't ask ahead of time but ohh well.  Speaking of that, I am so screwed when I come back to America in terms of the whole dating scene.  Dating in Korea is an entirely different approach and what is normal here would come off as an over-abundance of confidence with a lot of American women.  Which I guess could be a benefit.

Professionally life here has been pretty much the same it has been for the past year or so.  Although there was a new requirement that we obtain a 100 hour TEFL certificate to continue teaching.  I've already finished mine and I'm planning on completing a 50 hour business English course when I get back from Japan.  I am not to broken up about having to get the TEFL because I had been kicking it around for a number of years.  I don't know if I'll ever actually have a need for it but you never know.  Who knows, maybe I'll parlay this into a career abroad.  Either that or it's a nice way to slip into school mode again.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when I get back chances are I have to get back into school.  Which means a lot of writing and proofreading and any type of practice for that is good.

Finally, I have officially descended into the modern world.  In the past six months I've procured an iPad and a Kindle e-reader.  Well, this week I had to take the dive into the smart phone world.  Which is a little ridiculous considering that I'm leaving in 6 months.  Ohh well, I figured if I'm going to get screwed I might as well get screwed by getting a new fancy phone and I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3.  This phone is kinda nice and has all the bells and whistles.  Of course, this also means that I have zero brand loyalty, because I am currently running a service on the three companies fighting it out in the smart world.  At least I don't have a Kindle Fire because that would just make this ridiculous.  Ohh well.  I guess I had to jump in eventually.  Alas good people, I will try to get a few more posts up and shorten the downtime.

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