Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hanging from the Ceilings

Well, I've been trying to write a post for the past week or so, and honestly I just haven't been able to do it. It's not because I have nothing to write about, but I just cannot communicate my thoughts effectively on the subject. I will finish that post one day and hopefully be able to explain the culture here far better. Alas, after three failed attempts I figured that I should just simply write a blog about what's been going on.

I must first start this blog by announcing that somehow in one week I have gotten two girls phone numbers, and for some reason they actually like spending time with me. I actually have gotten several girls phone numbers here, but that is because your social life is run through your cell phone here. Many of you may be wondering then why it's such a big deal that I have these two ladies phone numbers. Well, simply put, and for lack of a better vocabulary, they like me. I guess being a waygook saram has its benefits (it means person from a foreign country). I guess it makes me semi-hot stuff in this country. That's right baby, Will is in demand out here. If only I could arrange an all girl smack down and then winner gets me. Now if you believe that one I'll tell you another one. However, being a foreigner does mean that it is pretty easy to talk to new people here. They are all really interested in who and what you are. It's really quite interesting. I've been adopted by many different groups of people while at a bar because they wanted to talk to me.

Besides going out to the bars and picking up Brenden and Carissa when they arrived life has pretty much settled into a quazi-routine. Life now consists of work, dinner, and going out or staying in. Now as boring as this routine may sound, it beats the hell out of my routine at home. My routine at home was work, work, and then work some more. Here I have time to go out and play sports, and time to go out and meet people. It's really refreshing to actually be able to enjoy life. Speaking of enjoying life, I have to say that I have been exceptionally happy since Brenden and Carissa have arrived. It's great to be able to see them again after such a long lay off. I guess I really did miss them while they were out and about in Georgia. Now I wonder if my friends will miss me as much. Something tells me I may be dreaming. Now just to reinforce the point to all my SD friends, there here with me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I'll make sure to write about our adventures. Speaking of adventures, we are going to Roma, the local nightclub on Friday. Ohh god that ought to be fun. Hundreds of sweaty dancing Koreans and then the foreigners.

Other then turning into a chick magnent and Brenden and Carissa showing up, there haven't been any major adventures yet. That will all change shortly. When I have more to write about I will. Until then my dearest and most beloved friends I will see you when you get your booties out to Korea.

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Jason said...

Dude, hold an auction for your crazy hot foreign self. Actually, when am I coming? I'll hold the auction.