Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's Time For Weekend Update.

Well folks, I've been busy writing my butt off recently, but sadly I have not included any info as to what I've been up to in quite some time. Honestly, when life proceeds as normal I tend not to write about it. I mean it's really hard to make teaching school seem interesting. However, this past weekend something happened that I feel compelled to type about. Spring is trying fitfully to wigle its way into Seosan. It comes on like the tide, only to fade away with another day. However, this past weekend we had the best weather I've seen in Korea since October. It was absolutely beautiful. The temperature was in the mid 60's. I nearly died it was so awesome.

Anyways, an opportunity came about that I could not pass up. Originally I was supposed to go to Cheonan with Drew, but once this opportunity came about I had to take it. My friends and I decided that we would head off to a local beach for the day. We figured we could spend the night at one of the motel's on the beach for pretty cheap and just have a blast. In truth we did. We went to a small beach side town called Sindu-ri. Once we arrived at the beach we booked a hotel and got busy enjoying life. Beaches one the West Coast of Korea are notoriously long. The tidal change on the West Coast of Korea is the worst in the world. The water at low tide recedes at least 500 meters. The beaches are very flat and wide. What that means is there are no waves. The beaches however are huge and flat.

After wandering about the beach and playing around we, David, Ahna, Seung Hee, and myself got down to making dinner. Seung Hee's father provided us with some excellent quality beef to BBQ. I set myself to making some vegetable to go with our food, and we cooked potatoes in the grill. All in all the meal was awesome. Add to this copious amounts of alcohol and friendship. The night was young and we were having a great time. Now, came the only thing that could possibly dampen our night. That's right it started to rain, and it rained all night. However, not to be deterred we entered our motel room and continued the party. The night was great. Lots of drinking, talking, and walks in the rain. Well at least I went walking in the rain.

I guess I should mention that there was also some pyromania involved. You see fireworks are not only legal here in Korea, but they are cheap and easy to buy. Needless to say the night culminated not with David being drunk and passed out on the floor, but with me standing on a wet balcony shooting off Roman Candles. ASAH!!!!

We woke the next morning at 7:15 AM. Thanks AHNA! Ahna needed to be back in town at 9:30 to meet someone. Ohh well. Breakfast was steak and eggs and potatoes. All I needed was a tortilla and some of the Louisiana habenero sauce I found here and it would have been an excellent breakfast burrito. As is it was still a great breakfast.

We hoped back into Seung Hee's car at 8:30 AM and headed back the 25 minutes to Seosan. It was a far less white knuckle ride back then it was there. I'm not making fun of your driving Seung Hee, but sometimes you forget when hauling four people in a car you shouldn't take turns so fast. The car is a lot heavier and tends not to respond as well. Specially since it's rocking a 1.5 liter engine. We arrived back in Seosan nice and early, and I spent the rest of the day relaxing and cleaning my apartment.

It was a good weekend. I rested my soul, and I rested my body. It still amazes me how much the beach means to me. I guess it's there where I go to quell the storms that plague my mind. It's there where I find my answers, where I renergize my soul, and it is there that I can get back to the core matters in my life. I'm glad I went, and there are even pictures of the fun.

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