Saturday, July 24, 2010

How sweet it is.....

There are few things more anticipated amongst education professionals than two simple words we loved as children.  It turns out that summer vacation is not just something for students, but in reality is something that teachers need.  Anyone who has spent anytime in the field of education knows just how long and tiring the work truly is.  Summer vacation is a chance for the teachers to rest and recuperate just as much as it is for the students.  In fact I think that most teachers secretly look forward to vacation more than the students. 

I find myself here today on the cusp of my first Asian vacation.  I call it my first Asian vacation because for the first time since I left the United States I will be exploring another Asian country.  Ok, fine I'll be honest.  I'm going to go explore another Asian beach where I will probably get a sunburn and a hangover.  Tomorrow I will leave Korea behind for a 9 days to go explore around Bali, Indonesia.  I am actually really excited because I have little to no plans once we arrive there.  Our villa is going to have a chef, a pool, a driver if we want, and is located really close to some great beaches.  I have to be honest, I'm looking forward to doing nothing.  Most of the tourist things in Bali are relatively simple.  They revolve around mountains, temples, beaches, shopping, eating, and drinking.  There are the prerequisite elephant rides, traditional dances, tourist traps, and scammers.  However, with all that I am relatively unimpressed.  Yes, there will be snorkeling and swimming.  There is also the chance to eat and drink copious amounts.

Yet, with all that Bali entails and everything that it is promised to be, the thing that I am most looking forward to, is the simple chance to relax for several days on end.  I'm not looking for much, and I think that this place will be as good a place as any to rest and refit for the coming months.  I think the simple message behind all of this is that, everyone needs a break every now and then.  Sometimes we ignore it and plod through our lives.  For once, I'm not going to ignore it.  For once I'm going to embrace it, and we'll see where I end up at the end of it.  It'll probably be a sunburnt ending.

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