Sunday, April 10, 2011

Revenge can be so sweet....

Well, this is not truly a revenge story for me, but just for good guys in general.  I've heard of stories like this happening but for once it was nice to actively participate in them.  I went up to Seoul this weekend to hang out with a good Korean friend of mine.  In fact she was one of the first Korean's I met in this country and can be counted among my closest Korean friends.  She moved to Seoul a little over a year ago and every few months I head up there to hang out and have some fun. 

This time we found our way to Hongdae which is a vibrant center for youth at night.  It's located right next to a university and seems to be one of these places that people want to go to.  At the local park you can witness people break dancing, rapping, artists doing free portraits for the practice and almost anything else that is a Korean adaptation of western youth culture.  You can even still find Korean cultural things to do here, but those mostly involve drinking or singing.  Needless to say when I'm looking for a night out in Seoul I normally end up in Hongdae because it is so different from the rest of Korea. 

Anyways we met up with some of her friends in Hongdae and proceeded to go to a bar/club.  It was basically a bar with no seating, loud music, cheap alcohol, and people dancing everywhere.  I'd heard about these places but this is one of the first times I've ever found myself in one of them.  Well, the friend that I was visiting is quite an attractive woman and the second we walked into the place had guys walking up to her and trying to talk to her and buy her drinks.  In fact, one Korean guy who would fit the mold of "player" to the bone decided to come up and try his game on her.  She politely refused and he couldn't understand why.  Needless to say he couldn't accept the this girl was saying no to him, so very much like the President, he figured he just hadn't explained it correctly and that's why she turned him down.  He came back and tried a different approach to which she a little less politely refused.  However, this convinced him he was just doing it wrong and so he decided to change tactics and try again.  I have to give the guy credit for stubbornness and determination, but little for being able to accept defeat.  This continued over the course of the next hour or so while we were there and I was just marveling at the whole situation.

Needless to say, he was still unable to accept that fact that this girl wouldn't be interested in him, and he finally pissed her off.  Next thing I know, I hear her exclaim "I'm here with my boyfriend" (she currently doesn't have one).  The guy is clearly taken aback and while he is Korean she explains in English primarily so I understand what's going on that she's here with me and that I'm her boyfriend.  The guy looks at me, I feel the need to state that I was dressed in a pair of ratty jeans (I was on my emergency pair because my other jeans hadn't finished drying yet) and a polo.  In other words, I wasn't looking my best, and the guy couldn't believe that she was there with me.  After trying to process for a few minutes and asking her again several times in both English and Korean the guy walks up to me and starts apologizing profusely.  Me finally being clued into what is happening (the alcohol may have had something to do with this) decided to screw with this guy.  He looks at me and is while apologizing and saying something along the lines of "Man, I apologize I didn't know."  I just looked at him and said "It's alright, I take it as a compliment, and I know who she's sleeping with tonight."  *Point of reference, I was staying at her apartment that night so it wasn't a total lie.* 

After retreating with his tail between his legs I could see him standing in the corner wondering what the hell this girl is doing here with big, goofy ole me.  Honestly, the girl is out of my league in the looks department.  Anyways the next few hours at the place go by without any further major complications.  However, it was amusing to watch this procession of guys walk up to my friend and to try and get her to dance with them and therefore try and sleep with her.  Almost every move I've heard of or seen was tried.  Well, considering she had asked for my help before I decided to keep screwing with the guys who were trying to woo my friend.  I decided to come up and give my friend a hug and tell her something.  Given that the music was really loud I'd have to talk straight into her ear so it looked like we were dating.  Every time I did this it would chase off another guy or two and produce the same thoughts of "What the hell is going on here?"

Alas it was still fun to screw a guys game over who obviously thought that when he chooses a woman to pay attention to she is required by the fact that he is who he is to bed him.  HA.  I must say that I am relishing the fact.  I call it a win for good guys everywhere who are given bad names by guys like this.

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