Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Been a Bad Boy

Yes, I know that there may be some of you out there in Cyberspace who are a little upset with me. I do apologize about the lack of a consistent narrative the past month or so. In all honesty I've written two or three posts that I have not published, because I just don't think I am able to convey the culture in the proper way. In this frustration I have forgotten why many of you may actually be reading my blog. For most this is a way to keep tabs on what they're favorite globe trotting person is up to, and as such I should remember that I do need to have a running dialogue about my life and adventures. Well, I guess I should seriously stick to the misadventures, because those tend to happen more often. Alas, onto the embarrassing things I've been up to recently.

For starters I have made several comments in recent blogs about my exploits with the local womenfolk. Well, honestly it's turned into some of the most confusing dealings I've ever experienced. I mean, if you look at some of the women I've dated in my lifetime I tend to date very complex women. Yet, even with this complexity I was normally able to reach some level of understanding, where I could anticipate and interpret them correctly. Korean girls on the other hand, I just don't get. I mean I don't even think it's the language issue because some of these women speak English very well. I guess it just boils down to the fact that being a foreigner, you are hot stuff, but you are also just a curiosity to most. Confusion reigns supreme normally when it comes to foreigners trying to figure out Korean women. SUPREME I tell you.

Anyways, onto some of my more entertaining exploits. In all honesty most of these came from this weekend because well, this weekend was very entertaining at points. First off, let me tell you the normal process for finding a motel in Korea. If you are located in an area you know then it's quite easy. You just walk to which ever motel you like and just ask for a room. However, when wandering around neighborhoods you don't know in Seoul it becomes quite the challenge. There are some motels which you spot and just instantly know you won't walk in the door. Like the motel down the dark alley in Itaewon on the street that was 90% owned by the Russian Mafia. Ya just probably shouldn't walk into that place and expect to get a room that doesn't charge in twenty minute intervals. However, the hardest thing about finding a motel in Korea, is the fact that most the time you just can't find one. They are everywhere, but at the same time they are nowhere. Motels tend to bunch together in enclaves and sometimes, you just cannot see them. Another problem is what I've seen fit to dub as the, "ohh they're foreigners looking to stay the night they can only have one room" treatment. This happens several times, and basically they offer you a room, but the second you ask for two rooms they suddenly do not have any openings.

This weekend was a walking joke as we tried to find a motel. Besides deciding not to enter several establishments, and being told by several others that there were no openings, I must tell you about the motel we stayed in. Well, honestly it wasn't that bad for 40,000 a night. Yet, the reason this even matters is the old lady who was manning the desk when we checked in. Mind you this is at 10:45 at night. As we very tiredly sauntered into this establishment I started talking with woman who was working there. Now normally this procedure is very standard, and this time it was. What makes it so noteworthy however was the fact that this lady had fifteen wafer thin slices of cucumber on her face as we did it. Now I'm all for beauty treatments and what not, but honestly I don't really know what good can come out of have 15 wafer thin slices half hanging off you face as you sell someone a room for the night. It took every once of self restraint I had not to laugh at this woman because she seriously reminded me of the vegetable gremlin from Gremlins 2. Anyways I will update some more in the next day or so as I get some pictures in from friends. Warning many of these pictures will show me just hamming it up. Some just might even be cute. However, I seriously doubt that. Anyways here are a few pictures from life recently.


Joanna said...

Hey Will, funny post! Specifically that part about the cucumbers. Haha seriously classic image in my head htat would have been hilarious to see in person. I am wondering about some general aspects of your weekend that would help with an overall picture of your life in Korea. Like, what is in Seoul that makes it fun to visit? Do you go there many weekends just for a change? How is the travel there and how far away is it? Details! =)
PS- Happy Thanksgiving soon!

Anonymous said...

Joanna is right, we need details.