Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What the hell is this White Crap?

As a person who had spent the last 13 years of his life living in San Diego I have had precious few encounters with a white powdy substance. This substance has been known to invoke both intense excitement and severe depression. It has also been known to cause students to act in strange and uncontrollable ways. This substance can cause flashbacks to days of yore when men were men and sheep were nervous. Wait, scratch that, I'm not in New Zealand. Needless to say though, as a California boy, what the hell is this white stuff that is falling from the sky. Well honestly by now you all know that it is snow. Yes that's right, SNOW. It's snowing in November here. Winter has finally set in after a very wonderful and glorious fall. Fall here is really awesome because the temperature is really nice and it's actually fun to be out and about.

I must say that this city is exceptionally pretty with a nice dusting of white. Then again even L.A. would look nice with a dusting of white. Wait, it wouldn't, LA would still suck. Anyways, it has been really pretty out here the past few days and sadly I think that it will be shortly leaving us. The weather is just too warm for the snow to stick around.

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